Meet the Team

First Responders

Our First Responders are equipped with site-specific documentation and Remote Access software to help you with your day-to-day technical issues. While the majority of their support is done remotely, they can install hardware and provide onsite support when needed.

Technical Account Managers

Our Technical Account Managers' goal is to increase your company's competitive advantage through the strategic use of technology and our services. They communicate and coordinate your needs with our other technical teams to ensure high quality service.

Proactive Care Specialists

Equinox IT Services Team Group Photo


SWAT designs, executes, and manages your large-scale projects, such as new servers, application updates, and more. They also assist with high-level technical issues and troubleshooting.

Team Awesome

Team Awesome takes care of important security nuances that most IT managers neglect due to lack of resources, leaving their companies exposed to billions of security threats. To give you an example of their awesome-ness, they successfully recovered a client from a deeply imbedded malware attack in a day. They are like superheroes…just with keyboards.


HQ is our administrative staff that helps the world keep spinning. If you have questions about sales, billing, events, or other non-technical issues you can contact them directly at (801) 426-0700. They are always happy to help!