Support & Specialized Services

Service Plans

Every company has different needs. We get it – and we want to make sure your company gets the security and support it needs.

Our services can be tailored to your needs by choosing the appropriate options for Proactive Care, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Security, and Technical Support.

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One-Time Support

You want help. You wanted it yesterday. Call us now at (801) 426-0700 and we'll come to take care of your problem. No commitment. This is a straight transaction. Our expertise for your dollar. We'll even do it in increments, checking in with you every hour to make sure we are on track with what you want to happen.

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Expert Consulting

Team up with us! Our experts will work side by side with you to shortcut your workload. From annual budget planning to complex design and engineering, we'll take care of you. We offer HIPPA and PCI compliance services as well as security and penetration audits. Leverage our years of experience to get the job handled quickly.

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Proactive Support Plans

Say goodbye to your technical worries and hassles with our 1-LINK toolsets and proactive care team. 1-LINK delivers all the preventive maintenance and proactive care needed to keep your systems running like new. We even prevent most problems from showing up in the first place.

With different levels of service to choose from you get a solution that fits your needs, the level of communication you want and total control over how your budget is spent.

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Advanced Projects

When was the last time one of your IT projects was actually on time and in budget? Many promise but few deliver. We have a proven track record of on time, in budget, low disruption project delivery. We design highly reliable solutions that are easy to maintain and quick to recover.

Your needs are unique. Our solutions are custom. We'll collaborate with you at every stage, from design to implementation and support. From connecting all your branch offices to a complete overhaul of your entire server infrastructure.