What It Takes to Be a Tech

January 3rd, 2018 by admin

We have the most amazing employees here at Equinox IT Services and we want you to see that as well. We decided to ask our techs a couple questions about themselves and their tech career so that you could get to know them better. Here are some of our favorite (serious and not-so-serious) answers:

How did you get started in the tech/IT industry?

"I've been building and supporting computers since I was 12 years old, I could hardly wait to start my career in IT. I started as a bench technician at 18 and moved up from there." – Cameron "I was working at the bakery as a physics major. I decided I didn’t care if light was a particle or a wave and I didn’t want to do the math to find out. I changed majors to IS, looked for an internship in computers and applied at Equinox (that was over 10 years ago)." – Dave "By learning how to be a |337 H4xX0R in the Army." – Casey "I started upgrading and building computers when I was 13. My first tech/IT job was Windows 2000 tech support." – Brad "My motherboard always encouraged playing with the other add-in cards, so I grew up taking things apart and putting them back together, figuring out how things work." – Tyler "I started doing remote support at a company called myfastpc, before that I would troubleshoot family member’s computers." – Jeremy "I hung around a computer store until they hired me." – Nat  

What do you love about being a tech?

"The limitless depth of knowledge to learn and apply - there's never a dull moment. I also like the sense of accomplishment when completing a project or solving a problem - and more importantly how that helps someone." – Seth "I love problem solving and how users react when you fix something for them and realizing that you are actually working with a person and not the computer." – Paul "I love that things are always different (vs the same old thing) and that it is challenging." – Steven "I enjoy finding solutions to problems, especially when it's complex or others haven't been able to figure it out." – Brad "I get to play with tech all day." – Tyler "The best part is helping people." – Tyson  

At Equinox we have an “H2” Philosophy (Happy Clients and Healthy Technology). Here are some of the ways these techs have stepped up to make a client’s day:

"I taught one of our clients how he could restore 300 databases in a matter of hours and all at once instead of manually (which would take him days to do)." – Seth "Every time I have successfully recovered personal data from a virus/malware/ransomware situation it meant the world to the customer affected." – Cameron "Usually it is when a client thinks it’s the end of the world and that the company (or their job) is going to go under because the computer is not working, and then you fix it in a short amount of time." – Paul "I'd say the entire experience with a recent client that we have taken on has been a series of making his day just by being there for him to vent about his old tech and by stepping in whenever possible to give him great treatment and a great experience." – Casey "Today I showed an end user how to format a drive and how to access his desktop when he has a 100 things open. He was so happy to know he didn't have to click a million times to get to his desktop and was excited to learn about how formatting a USB drive would take it to a state like it was (almost) brand new." – Seth "I once brought someone’s website back up online before the Christmas season started (middle of November). I later received a letter at work saying that if I had not done that their whole company would have gone under because they were dependent on the sales they made during the Christmas season and that I had made their day easier to handle." – Jeremy "I helped an end user that downloaded a virus remove the virus and clean up her computer. I let her know that I'm there and have got it all under control. She was extremely grateful." – Tyson

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