Understanding Emotional AI & How It Can Help Your Business

January 26th, 2022 by admin

Emotion detected by artificial intelligence AI system concept, analsysteyzing young businesswoman smiling.

What is Emotional Artificial Intelligence?

Emotional AI is when computers have the ability to read emotions such as facial expressions, voice tone, force of keystrokes, gestures, and more by analyzing data that helps to determine the emotional state of a person. Simply put; it is the ability of AI technologies to help solve complex business situations and understand why certain occurrences have taken place and how they affect the stakeholders.

How Can Emotional AI Help Businesses?

Emotions happen to inspire human behavior which means that emotional AI can help the business owner understand what their customer requires in the time of their need. Especially when it comes to marketing, customer service can be immensely improved by having a system that is not only based upon pure rational intelligence, but also focuses on learning from every interaction, understands both cognitive and emotional pathways of human interaction, predict intentions, and is able to differentiate between true and false statements.

Businesses who are already using emotional AI are able to recommend the right products and services to the buying customers at the appropriate time which not only results in a higher customer engagement, but also helps them to generate a greater revenue and meet target sales and beyond. However, the potential of Emotional AI is not only limited to the aforementioned. It also has the ability to etch long-term brand loyalty between a company and its customers, and even attract new customers while retaining the existing ones making sure everyone has a positive customer experience.

How Are Businesses Using AI Today?

Affectivia happens to be an emotion recognition software company which helps advertisers and video marketers to gather facial expressions of every moment while watching a video. This data is used to provide recommendations to customers so that they can optimize their content and media spend. The company has its own emotional database and has its benchmarks for sales lift, brand recall etc.

Apart from this, dynamic facial expression analysis can be used via cameras and AI aids when understanding consumer behavior. Let’s take an example from an upcoming event. Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is on February 14. Emotional AI can use real-time data to determine the emotional state of people by looking at their facial expressions when they are shopping for their loved ones in stores. As a result, businesses can be more effective in their marketing as they can provide critical feedback by observing expressions via emotional AI systems.

The AI based facial expression analysis can decipher pure raw human emotion and resembles our human coding skills. They can be easily detected in real-time fully automated computer algorithms that can record facial expressions via webcam. So, if you’re shopping online or in stores physically, the webcams can pick up your expressions and later onwards recommend products and services seeing if you are frowning, happy, or in a hurry.

All in all, emotional AI can be very beneficial to businesses and has the potential to increase its applications in the coming years. It promises a great future and the possibilities of advancement in this field are limitless.


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