The iPhone 12 mini: My New (low battery) Friend

January 5th, 2021 by admin

A laptop, tablet, cellphone, and a coffee cup on a desk, with a hand holding an iPhone 12 mini on the laptop screen

I bought the iPhone 12 mini when my iPhone XR started having some bugs about a month ago. I'd done some research on the new set of iPhone 12's, and at $100 cheaper, I felt the mini was the best price point for me. Ready to have a new ease of use with a smaller device – and willing to experiment with what I'd heard was a smaller battery – I purchased the little device. Merry Christmas and Happy Honda Days, self.

For anyone who likes the classic small size, it's refreshing to be able to do so much with just one hand. In addition to that, the iPhone Mini mirrors the features of the iPhone 12: the dual lens HDR video capability, the dual camera lens for wider angle shots, and of course, dark mode. I tried out the HDR video in southern Utah last weekend, and the quality compared to the XR and other previous models is incomparable; you no longer feel like you're watching a family video with a shaky hand-held camera. The video footage is beautiful, and I'd get the phone for this reason alone. But, as all new tech products go, it's not perfect – and for me – it has an irritating flaw.

The battery of the iPhone 12 mini is naturally the smallest of the new line of phones, and it shows. You pay a price for the alluringly small size with a battery that, as a millennial, doesn't cut it. If you want to use the camera for extended time – and have a working phone the rest of the day – you're going to need a battery pack with you. If you're like me, and YouTube is your social media of choice, you'll eat up battery fast as well. It's not necessarily the phone's "kryptonite", but it is something to consider if you use your phone a lot.

The iPhone 12 mini feels good to hold, and its new camera features are definite perks. I'm occasionally wishing for my old battery again, but maybe this is a good way to kickstart a New Year's goal to decrease screen time, and be "present" more. If you want the new features and ergonomic size, and you're on a budget, this is the new iPhone for you.

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