The Battle of Artificial Intelligence: Malware vs. Antivirus

October 9th, 2020 by admin

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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized technology. Right now, most viruses utilized by hackers use artificial intelligence strategies to bypass computer’s defenses. This has created a need for security services and applications to use dynamic machine learning to detect and protect against these new smart viruses. According to a real-time Malware Attack Tracker, 45% of all malware attacks are never-before-seen brand new threats to your computer. In 2020, you need a better way to defend your computers against half of the malware attacks that your current antivirus can’t detect.

Artificial Intelligence Malware: How is it more powerful than normal antiviruses?

AI methods are commonly applied in the tech industry, including hackers, who use them to create smart malware programs that can trick traditional antiviruses and execute attacks.

Hackers apply AI to weaponize the malware, teaching it to counter any defenses made by traditional or older network safety solutions. Because AI is so complex, it can attack any application or feature of your computer digitally. The malware can be designed to attack any part or function on the computer. Most applications being used today have features like voice, facial, and identity recognition. In fact, it’s easier to hack you with these because instead of guessing a password, an AI machine can just steal your digital fingerprint (or face) and use it to gain access to your entire computer. As AI malware can access these applications, hackers have a very good chance to perform a successful attack. AI malware can also be designed to sit quietly without detection for long periods of time, while hackers wait for the best times or places where your computer is most vulnerable.

AI machine learning is unique in the way that it adjusts to the situation. AI malware has developed techniques to make itself pretend to be trusted or even essential parts of your computer. Hackers can teach or train malware strands to be versatile and insightful, becoming smart enough to slip by outdated security applications and even hide itself from detection. Additionally, the programs can gather information on what kept an attack from being successful and any discovered weaknesses in your computer. Simulated AI attacks may not be successful on a first attempt, but due to their adaptability and learning, hackers can easily take over your computer on a following attempt.

Artificial Intelligence Antivirus: Cylance

Because traditional antivirus can't catch new malware, your traditional antivirus won’t catch 45% of malware attacks on your computer. You’ll need something better if you want to have a chance at keeping your personal data and information safe. Artificial Intelligence has advanced significantly in providing a secure environment to users across various platforms. In a modern age of deadly AI malware, thankfully there are a few extremely powerful AI-based antiviruses that ensure the security of your PC even before malware reaches your computer. One of these programs is Cylance – a smart AI program designed specifically for smart malware.

Cylance offers an impressive antivirus program controlled by AI, with version offered for both companies and personal users. This Smart Antivirus identifies a wide range of malware, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, and many other different viruses, whether they use AI or not, keeping them from ever affecting your device. Over 500,000 new threats to your computer are created every day, and it’s been proven to stop 99% of them. It’s a lightweight, online program that doesn’t take up too much of the room on your computer, or slow down its performance.

Cylance’s malware scanner is ground-breaking and simple at the same time. They have built their program to focus on real-time protection: to watch what the code is doing, unlike traditional antivirus. It constantly monitors the computer for threats, silently watching codes and checking them to make sure they aren’t malicious. This makes life much simpler for most people, who, like me, don’t really want to spend time every day manually running malware scans. The most impressive aspect of Cylance Smart Antivirus is that it catches and contains malware before it can execute it’s attack, unlike most normal antivirus programs. These traditional programs tend to be responsive, and focused on removing malware that has already shown up. Cylance differs, as its purpose is to identify malware as it attempts to attack, regardless of how much the malware adapts or changes through Artificial Intelligence. Cylance, without needing an update, will catch the AI malware every time. If you value cyber safety, want a cheap antivirus, and would like Artificial Intelligence to protect your computer, you should pick up Cylance. Checkmate, malware.

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