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October 15th, 2020 by admin

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An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal - Innersloth (Among Us Creators)

Have you ever played 'Mafia'? That one game you played in college with your friends where you close your eyes and the 'killer' chooses someone who dies? You then have to figure out who the killer is, and your once-friends can no longer be trusted. Now put that game into a mobile app with armless astronauts who have eggs and toilet paper on their heads, and you suddenly have the game taking the App Store by storm: Among Us.

Text that reads 'There is 1 Impostor among us'


Released in 2018, the game sat unnoticed for almost two years. Within the last month, however, the game has shot up to the #1 spot on the Apple App Store, is one of Twitch's top viewed games, and beat Grand Theft Auto by having over 388,000 people playing the game at once. And that's just on PC. The number is substantially higher if you included mobile players as well.


The game is simple: 10 players are thrown into a spaceship. 1 is the Imposter (or killer). The other 9 are crewmates who have to perform various tasks, like fixing the engines or emptying the trash. The Imposter has to kill all 9 crewmates before the crewmates can figure out who the Imposter is. The crewmates will also win if they complete all tasks before the Imposter kills them all, ensuing a high tensions race around the spaceship. Once a crewmate is killed, the other players have the chance to report the dead body and discuss via chat who they think the killer is. If they guess right, Game Over for the Imposter.

A screenshot of an orange astronaut in Among Us

On mobile, you can choose between a joystick and touch control. I've found that touch is a lot easier to use (you run into a lot of walls using the joystick). With PC, you simply move your mouse in the direction you want to go. All tasks are performed with an interaction button, which is easy to use. A mini-map and task list are given to you for ease of play, and a big red emergency button is located in the middle of the map, for when you see your friend die and run for your life. As the Imposter, an added 'kill' button is located on your screen…


This game is family-friendly- when I say 'kill', I refer to extremely simplified drawings of tiny astronauts falling over dead. So you're looking at a T rated video game, something that anyone older than 10 can easily play. I wouldn't exactly recommend this game to a toddler, as a toddler won't have enough detective skills to discover the Imposter.

A screenshot of an orange astronaut in Among Us

The game is incredibly accessible to all people - it's free, available in several languages, does not require skill, with rounds that only take 5 minutes, paired with the ability to play with a group of 10 friends is a recipe for success. The joy is not found in the gameplay, but in the discussions where 10 friends are yelling at each other that they didn't do it, or the heart-pounding moments when you kill a crewmate while hoping you don't get caught. Not to mention anyone can play with their friends, whether that be in person or over a voice call.

I'll be honest; at first, the game was nothing special because I was just running around clicking on things. But then someone finds a dead body, and the game becomes interesting. You'd think the chat room would be a time for crewmates to debate who the Imposter is, right? Wrong. People will tell jokes, go off-topic, make fun of each other, and do everything except figure out who the Imposter is. The game's specific lingo quickly took hold, calling everyone 'sus' (suspicious), both in the game and in real life. But the game quickly grabs you; the pull of discovering the Imposter, laughing at chats, or jumping into a game with friends is an awfully strong pull.

The game fits well into my life: I am easily frustrated by most games - I am competitive by nature and find myself in a bad mood when I lose a game, whether it be by skill or by luck. However, since Among Us is a laidback game that isn't about winning or losing, I can firmly say this is the only game I can play that doesn't make me mad.

I highly recommend this game for anyone looking to have lots of fun with a group of friends, whether you are hanging out in-person or via a Zoom call. I do not recommend this game if you are in several unstable relationships or if you have a bad poker face. The game is free, easy to learn and play, and loads of fun. You won't lose anything by trying it out!

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The blue character from Among Us

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