Take Back Control of Your Network

February 21st, 2017 by admin

It's time to be friends with your network again. Stop letting it control your business and start controlling it. Whether you are experiencing hardware or user issues, we've got some tips for how to improve your system and speed. And if you really want to wrap your head around your network, think about getting a security scan.

Slow and flaky network connections are one of the most common – and confusing – problems that businesses have.  Even if you just bought a shiny new internet connection from your ISP, you could still be experiencing problems due to your network setup.

How do you know it’s actually a networking problem, not something else?

If you can relate to the following, it’s a pretty good sign that your network needs some attention.
  • Do you feel like your internet is slower than it should be? Or slower than what you are paying for?
  • Is your connection sometimes flaky or unreliable? (This can vary with time of day, what part of the building users are in, or even which specific users are hindered.)
Usually network troubles stem from either hardware or user issues. If it’s a hardware problem we can guarantee a boost in your performance and speeds. If it’s a user issue we can help your productivity soar.

Is it a Hardware Problem?

Think of your network like a highway:
  • Each time your computer needs data from the internet or your server, it’s like sending a few more cars out onto the highway.
  • If you’re on a weak WiFi connection, it’s like going from an 8-lane highway to a 2-lane highway. Everything slows down and feels like a traffic jam.
  • If your cables are flaky at all, it’s like potholes on a road, and if the cabling is bad enough, it’s more like sinkholes – you’re not getting out of this one without some serious help.
  • If your switch or router are old and slow, your cars (or your data) are basically waiting at a red traffic light at 2am, when there’s no traffic, but the light just won’t change.
  • Firewalls are like the police at a sobriety checkpoint. If the police just wave everybody through then they are asking for drunk driving accidents later.
Wow… just in the hardware category that’s a lot of ways things can go south, huh? That’s where Equinox comes in. We will personally bisect the network and then test each device until we find out what’s happening with both speed and security. So kick back and relax; we’ll take over the strenuous work.

Is it a User Problem?

What might be wrong:
  • Users clogging up your bandwidth with time-wasting apps (Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, etc.)
  • An accidentally downloaded virus
Oh, streamable TV. Can’t live with it at work; can’t live without it at home. Apps like Pandora and Hulu can suck up a ton of your bandwidth reducing the speed of your important business functions to a crawl. Viruses and malware can also get in the way but Equinox can pinpoint the problem and install web filters such as openDNS or WatchGuard. These protections will prevent employees from accessing certain sites, and get them back to work.

Still feeling a little lost in your Network?

Consider a network and security scan. A network and security scan will supply you with all the official nitty-gritty details of how your network is setup, where security threats may be an issue, and specific recommendations of how you can improve. Whether you’re the IT guy who needs to get a lay of the land right away, or a business owner trying to improve security we will make sure you have all the details you need to make informed decisions for your company. So whether it’s a large network and security scan or just a network check-up, you’ll see a real boost in office performance just by changing a few things. When your network is fast, accessible, and working smoothly, your employees will follow suit.  

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