Scamming the Scammer: One man’s hilarious fight against phishing

October 18th, 2018 by admin

Two men sitting on front of laptops laughing

Each day our spam folders fill up with requests from supposed royalty, long lost family members with inheritance to spare, and hosts of other scammers looking to take advantage of the gullible. One man has had enough!

Scammers beware! Rather than trashing the suspicious emails he receives, James Veitch hits reply and has some fun. However, he admits that it's not all just for kicks and giggles; the more of a scammer's time he can waste, the less time they'll have to swindle others. Watch him tell the story of this hysterical email correspondence and discover more of James' adventures in trolling with scammers, by checking out his Mashable video series, Scamalot.

- Hannah Webb

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