Our Equinox Philosophy: What It Means to Be "H2"

June 8th, 2017 by admin

To others “H2” could mean a Hummer model, an HTML tag, or the bonding of hydrogen gas, but for us here at Equinox, “H2” is our motivation for everything we do as a company. To us “H2” means Happy Clients and Healthy Technology. We keep our clients happy by designing our plans with their budget in mind, creating a more productive workplace, and providing the most responsive teams out there. We keep their technology healthy through our state-of-the-art toolsets, vCIO planning, advanced security solutions, and so much more… “H2” is a phrase that can often be heard around our office. To others “H2” could mean a Hummer model, an HTML tag, or the bonding of hydrogen gas, but for us here at Equinox it simply means Happy and Healthy. Happy Clients and Healthy Technology that is. That phrase is what motivates everything we do as a company and how we measure our success. We strive every day to ensure that our clients are happy and their technology is healthy.

Happy Clients

At Equinox, we like to consider ourselves a hospitality company that just so happens to be excellent at IT. Keeping our clients happy is our number one priority. Happy clients are those who see positive results and here are some of the benefits that we see regularly:
  • A happy budget.
    • All of our plans are designed with your budget in mind. We help you save money not only with all of your IT support, but also for all of your technical equipment. Our experienced technicians can recommend the best solutions for your company, and with our partnerships we can find you the best prices. It’s hard not to feel happy when you know you’re saving money.
  • A more productive workplace.
    • Our job is to make sure that you can do your job without any technical issues. We help you and your employees work faster and more efficiently. No more being slowed down by spam, getting frustrated at old computers, or letting distractions waste your time.
  • An amazing team to take care of you. (We really couldn’t do anything without these amazing teams.)
    • First Responders: Our First Responders are your first line of defense. They take care of day-to-day HelpDesk issues your company might face and provide quick solutions.
    • The A-Team: These are the smiling faces you see in your office. The A-team provides most of your onsite support. These IT Managers will help align your company with best practices. (And yes, they always bring their ‘A’ game.)
    • The SWAT Team: Looking to do a big project? These are your go-to guys. Our “Specialists With Advanced Technology” know their way in and out of all of your equipment.
    • Team Awesome: You won’t see much of Team Awesome, but that’s because they’re so busy keeping everything running from the backend. From your backups to your antivirus, this team is constantly fighting off the problems you might not even know are there. Consider them your masterminds of preventative security.

Healthy Technology

Having healthy technology means that your equipment is functioning quickly, efficiently, and problem-free. Healthy technology is the first step to a healthy business. In order to ensure that your technology is in the best shape it can be, we have a wide variety of teams, tools, and procedures including:
  • Our vCIO’s.
    • Our virtual CIO’s provide the ongoing strategic guidance planning and budgeting that your company needs by working directly with your executives and managers. We help you make the right technology decisions at the right time so that you can balance your budgets against business requirements and ensure your technology has a positive impact on productivity, performance, and protection.
  • Backend toolsets.
    • Our toolsets are our secret weapon. They monitor and manage everything (backups, antivirus, patching, drive space, etc.). These tools help us to see where the weaknesses in your technology are located and address them before they turn into issues for your users.
  • Network Auditors
    • Our network auditors keep your technology healthy by doing regular comprehensive reviews of your settings, configurations, and security and updating them to align with best practices. This includes password policies and properly tracking and labeling all equipment and cables.
  • Performance and Productivity.
    • We will make sure your workstations, servers and equipment are at their peak-performance. We can help you set up technology rotations to prevent your equipment from getting old and regularly checkup on your equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly. We’ll get you working at your top speed.
  • Protection and Security.
    • We keep the bad things out and the good things in. From firewalls to antivirus and beyond, we provide a technical immune system for you company that keeps you protected and in control of your data.
This is just the beginning to our “H2” philosophy, a philosophy that defines everything we do as a company.

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