Operation Cyber Monday: Make Out Like a Bandit with These Links & Tips

November 13th, 2017 by admin

The time is fast approaching to separate the champions from the cattle. Cyber Monday is just a couple weeks away, and with it comes opportunities beyond imagination. 4k HD TVs at slashed prices, gaming systems at their lowest prices ever, smart phones for the exact same price as always, and weird things like Wakizashis and sweater vests for virtually free! If you’re a regular online shopping, you know things can get a little crazy on C-Day. Whether you’re a pro or a first timer, we’ve got tips and links that will help you make out like a bandit. November 27th is coming fast and you might want to start some quick prep work now to ensure you get the best deals. It’s best to go into Cyber Monday with a clear picture of what deals you’re interested in, and keep your eye on the prize. Are you going for the big whales like laptops, TVs, and jewelry? Or are you just shooting for clothes, games, and knickknacks? Next, you need to establish a set budget (with some wiggle room of course) and how much time you’re willing to invest for some savings. Most people are just looking for one specific item at a great price, while others might be wanting to take advantage of store-wide discounts for multiple items. And then (like a moth to a flame) there’s the "couponers" that buy anything and everything they think is a deal. Once you know what you might be shopping for, you’ll want to get your ear to the ground for those deals. Let's say we want a Nintendo Switch. First we need to start digging around for deals a couple weeks ahead of time, for that item specifically. After a few web searches I found that for the Switch, it’s most likely going to be discounted from $300 to $250 and that deal will probably be from many retailers. A little bit of research goes a long way to finding the right deals. Some basic searches like “4k TV cyber Monday deal” will often get you on the right path. Another great way to be in-the-know about these deals is to sign up for newsletters from retailers that will likely provide the items you’re interested in. For gaming systems and TVs I would subscribe to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc. For clothes or jewelry I would sign up for Amazon, Calvin Klein, Nordstrom, and the like. Instead of having to search and check each site repeatedly, you will be emailed directly about the hottest deals. Here are links to some major retailers Cyber Monday pages. Some aren’t listing deals here yet. but these pages will be populated with deals getting closer to C-Day (on the 27th), and some sales even starting on Thanksgiving Day:

Amazon Walmart HP Toys R Us Newegg Gamestop Ebay Dell Target Best Buy This website has more links for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and some other tips and guides for getting the most out of it: theblackfriday.com If you are interested in savings beyond the regular Cyber Monday deals, there are a few more tricks you might like to try. First, many retailers have coupons or promo codes that can be entered in addition to the regular Black Friday deals. Searching online like “4k HD TV Target promo code” and checking out the pages that come up can often shave some dollars off your final purchase. Getting an add-on like Honey can find the promos for you automatically. If you want to get even more sly you can buy discounted gift cards for the retailers you are interested in. For example I can buy an HP gift card for 16% off and then use that gift card in combination with an HP promo code and snag one of their Cyber Monday laptop deals as a triple whammy of savings! It takes a little more work and the results vary by retailer, but it can be well worth it. Just make sure if you are doing the gift card trick, you check the consumer protection policies to make sure they will refund you if something goes wrong -most will. (I like giftcardgranny.com because it has many consumer protections in place.) That brings us to the end of your training Padawan. You’ve got lots of information to work with and you know how to find more if you need it. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message, we love hearing from you. Good luck and happy hunting.   Kender Ostlund

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