One Practice that will Save Your Company: End User Security Training

January 26th, 2018 by admin

One click of a button. One phone call. One suspicious email. It doesn’t take much for a hacker to get past your security defenses and into your business. All it takes for them to get inside is for someone at your company to let them in. You can see just how simple it can be in this video from CNN here. In order to keep your systems and information safe, it’s imperative for end users to be actively aware of scams and threats, and trained on how to avoid them. End user training is the #1 way to make an immediate impact on your company’s security. Here at Equinox we do our best to keep you safe. From firewalls to backups, antivirus and beyond we do everything on the technology side to keep you protected. However, phishing emails are now one of the most common ways for hackers to infiltrate a system. Spam filters are strong, but imperfect, and if those phishing emails happen to slip through you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen in your inbox. Because of this we’ve recognized the need for End-User (Employee) Security training. It doesn’t take a neuro-scientist to spot a phishing email. The trick is just knowing what to look for. All of your employees, with a little training and practice will be able to recognize a phishing email, avoid it, and keep your company safe from whatever disaster lies ahead.   Here’s how we recommend moving forward with training:
  1. Try a Phishing Assessment: Send out a fake phishing email to all of your employees. See who clicks on it and who asks questions. In our experience you’ll probably be surprised by how weak your defenses are. Here at Equinox we have the resources available to customize a phishing email – the way a hacker would – and send it to all of your employees. The links inside will be harmless, but allow us to measure your vulnerability and provide you with a report of your companies security.
  2. Sign Up for a One-Hour Training Session: We highly recommend following up this assessment with a security training for all of your employees. Our security training presentation is loaded with helpful tips, warning signs, and secrets that hackers don’t want you to know. It’s a great balance of educating and entertaining, and by the end your employees will all be able to recognize and report a phishing email.
  Training your employees will be the difference between getting stuck in a ransomware situation and a normal day at the office. It makes the difference between having to notify all of your customers about a security breach or sending out your regular Christmas cards. If you are interested in trying out a phishing assessment or training session contact us at 801-426-0700 or and we’ll schedule a meeting to get things started. It’s quick and simple and it makes a huge difference.     -Emily Beukers & Hannah Webb

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