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February 18th, 2021 by admin

A technician working on a computer and smiling at the camera

We have the most amazing employees here at Equinox IT Services, and in the spirit of our 19th Anniversary, we want to show them off a little. We asked our technicians questions about themselves and their tech career so that you could get to know them better. Here are some of our favorite (serious and not-so-serious) answers:

How did you get started in the tech/IT industry?

"Job add for EVPN cutovers in German" - Seth M.

"I got started doing phone support for Packard Bell during the transition from windows 3.1 to windows 95 (boy, that dates me)" - Steven H. (Howes)

"I worked in a manufacturing plant for nearly 10 years. My favorite aspect was troubleshooting issues and working with the computer systems. I've always love tech and working with people. Equinox was the perfect blend of both." - Tyson B.

"My uncle introduced me to this field and help me build a computer when I was in 10th grade." - Tanner J.

"I knew someone who owned a computer store and asked if they needed help. I started in SALES way back before there were hard disks in PC's." - Clint D.

What do you love about being a tech?

"I love helping people understand how healthy technology can really jump start their business". - Dallin W.

"I love that it is challenging and always different" - Steven H. (Howes)

"I enjoy being able to take care of a problem start to finish. The personal satisfaction is great and I also enjoy being able to see the client happy when an issue is taken care of." - Brian Q.

"Finding a solution to an almost impossible problem and finding new ways to do things faster or better" -Dave A.

Cool story about helping a client

"For one of our clients, I noticed the numbers were not adding up for their billing/user count. Performed extra steps in their audit to identify the cause, and worked with our team to clean up the extra accounts and adjust the onboarding process with the client to avoid the issue in the future. After the audit/cleanup they were saving thousands of dollars per month they didn't know were being wasted, and had a new onboarding process that would keep the license number to exactly the number of licenses needed." -Kender O.

"Early in my first tech job, I was assisting a Windows XP user with an issue. I can't recall what it was, but I spent something like 9 hours on the phone with the guy working on it. I must have been doing well, since no one on my side had any objections to the time I was spending, but the thing that sticks with me was how grateful the customer was once we got the problem resolved. He was really surprised about how much time and effort I put into helping him. From then on, I always tried to chase that feeling of being appreciated because customers knew I was dedicated to helping them." - Brad F.

"One time, a client called in and apparently while working from home their cat managed to jump up and sit on their laptop keyboard. (presumably for warmth…cats do like warm things.) And altered her entire layout for her laptop. Display included. We worked for a bit to get everything back to normal and I'm still not sure how that cat managed to do so much." - Jordan B.

"I had a doctor that had to prep for urgent surgery and ran into some computer issues at 2am. He was worried to call but I answered, helped him within 5 minutes, and he was on his way." - Tyson B.

"I saw that one of the back office employees was printing then scanning incoming faxes. After discussing what she needed to be doing and why. I found/created a way for her to do it all electronically on the computer. This reduce the intake time from 3 days to 2 hours for the doctors to get incoming faxes. Saved a ream of paper a week and reduced the time she spent on it by 75%" - Dave A.

Most useless super power and explain why

"Towels turn damp when you touch them" -Wade M.

"I can identify 5 different rootbeer brands by taste. I don't really drink rootbeer so it's pretty useless." - Kender O.

"When you snap, your hand turns into a taco. To turn it back into a hand, you have to snap again. (so, basically you will always have taco hands as you can't snap with taco hands)" - Matthew G.

"The ability to communicate with and control snails and slugs. Aside from grossing some people out, I can't think of anything that could be done with that power that would benefit anyone. "- Brad F.

"Cracking your knuckles makes them glow like glowsticks" - Zach B.

Pitch your worst business idea

"De-scented flowers shop" - Wade M.

"My worst business idea is a virtual massage simulator. You can create an avatar and control your character into the clinic and watch your avatar get a virtual massage from a virtually certified therapist." - Kender O.

"Vegan Taxidermy" - Brad F.

"Water dissoluble to-go cups" - Brian Q.

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