How to Expand Your Business Without the Stress: A Case Study

March 23rd, 2017 by admin

Got growing pains? We've got solutions. If you have ever gone through the pain of a business move or growth you know how stressful of a time it can be. Check out our case study to see how we helped one company double in size almost overnight. We make sure that advanced technical projects are done on time and in budget with as little stress as possible. 

If you have ever gone through the pain of a business move or growth you know how stressful of a time it can be. Hiring new employees, finding new locations, planning financial changes and more can triple the amount of things you have on your plate. You should be able to focus on your business needs and leave all the technical hassles and worries to us.

Case Study: Four new offices for US Title

The goal: When US Title grew from 80-120 employees practically overnight, they needed four new offices with new technology and they needed it fast. We quickly co-created a plan to help them reach their technical goals and stay within their budget. The goal was to integrate over 40 new employees with temporary computers into US Title’s current office space so they could get working as quickly as possible. The next step was to set up four new buildings with internet connections and quality new hardware so that their employees could walk into their new offices and start working like it was just a normal day—without any technical hassles. The process:
  • Worked with rental companies to rent over 40 PC’s and get US Title employees productive immediately
  • Created various software accounts for each of the 40 new users
  • Quickly purchased the technology they needed, keeping it all within their budget
  • Set up and imaged 44 workstations: 28 desktops, 11 laptops, and 5 surface pros
  • Installed 84 monitors, 4 switches, a new firewall, various access points, scanners, printers, port replicators, adapters, and power surges
  • Set up MS Office Software on all computers
  • Installed a temporary internet solution so these offices were ready for business as quickly as possible, followed by a permanent, high-speed fiber solution
  • Organized all of the cabling for the new offices
  • Replaced/Installed core network equipment in the new AND old offices
The result: “You guys are the best decision that we’ve ever made. You have outperformed in every way.”  –Steve Borget, VP of US Title The new employees loved how friendly and responsive our team was. We not only kept the project within their budget, but also got everything ready sooner than they anticipated. Speed was the primary focus of this project. Within three days we had all 40 of their new employees productively working. In under two weeks the four new offices were equipped with all of the technical equipment required. As US Title continues to grow we look forward to working with them closely for all of their daily technical needs and advanced projects.

Avoid the Technical Hassles of Advanced Projects

Implementing a new technology project can be demanding. Between the different options to consider, the professional skills needed, and the confusing nature of technology itself, it’s easy to understand why these projects can be a “little” overwhelming. Equinox will help you make an informed decision AND take care of the technical details. Your solution is only one phone call away.  

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