How Does Equinox Help the Healthcare Industry?

August 13th, 2021 by admin

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Equinox IT Services has been providing technology solutions, support and system administration for the healthcare industry since the start of the company over 25 years ago. In that time, we have developed the team and the recipe to provide expert service that meets the needs of doctors, technicians, and administrative professionals in the diverse industries of the healthcare sector.

We work daily with a wide range of industries including: pediatrics, neurology, cardiology, and others. Every clinic, lab and manufacturer has different technology needs, but these are a few of the ways we have helped our healthcare clients:

Improve infrastructure and reduce technical issues:

Equinox has teams dedicated to building infrastructure like networking, servers and perimeter security. Our experts work to identify key areas that need improvement, and then provide recommendations and implement solutions. One key factor of our mission statement is to make our clients’ technology healthier, to allow workflow to remain secure, run smoothly, and prevent work disruptions or data loss.

We have teams dedicated to remote monitoring of computer health. They get alerts whenever the health of a computer or server is deteriorating, and will quickly address any problems before any situations arise that would cause downtime.

Organization, data management accessibility and security are all critical in healthcare. Our experienced team provides suggestions and solutions to improve each of these, and increase efficiency. We build systems that will allow for growth, or design and manage projects for expansion.

Fast and reliable technical support:

Although prevention is the best medicine, we know technical issues and questions will come up. Our team is dedicated to being readily available for technical support via email and phone call for remote support, and we have onsite technicians ready to show up and address issues when needed. With patient schedules, busy providers and other tight deadlines, minimizing downtime and headaches is imperative and we pride in helping security running smoothly.

Reliable IT System Administration:

Our technicians handle various types of user creation, account moderation and implementation of policies and permissions. We make sure employees are only provided with access and information necessary to complete their role. We are experienced with many different healthcare applications and EHR systems, and can manage all of it, part or none, depending on the needs of your business. ​

HIPAA Compliance

For those unfamiliar with HIPAA, (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), is a collection of an extensive set of industry standards developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that facilitates the protection of sensitive information and data related to patient health. ​

HIPPA standards require organizations to implement a compact set of security protocols that ensure the protection of the sensitive information of patients and the medical facility. Healthcare organizations that deal with a large number of patient records are required to fulfill the standard requirements of HIPPA in order to earn compliance.

At Equinox IT Services, we have teams that are well versed in HIPAA compliance and work to assist in setting goals and making improvements at the rate that fits with your business. Our security tools, patching automation, encryption services and firewalls are just a few of the many ways we can help companies meet HIPAA requirements.

Cybersecurity awareness & Training

All of your advanced security mechanisms are going to fail miserably if one of your employees gets tricked by hackers. One of your employees can open a phishing link, open a malicious file, download malware from the internet, anything could happen. If your workers are not equipped with proper knowledge about the latest security risks and their countermeasures. They will fail to make educated choices and implement safe practices in the workplace that will ultimately lead to cybersecurity breaches.

We as one of the industry professionals understand the importance of cybersecurity awareness, therefore, we offer top of the line hands-on practical training to employees so they can identify a potential threat at the sight while taking suitable steps to mitigate and control the situation.

The Healthcare industry lost $3 Trillion due to cyberattacks in 2017 and it is anticipated that the loss will surpass $6 Trillion by the end of 2020. To avoid being the next victim of a malicious cyberattack, act now to reinforce your cybersecurity state.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Healthcare and medical facilities usually have an ample amount of sensitive data from their employees and patients. And one thing that hackers cannot resist is poorly protected sensitive data. That hacker can steal to sell on the dark web or to extort a ransom for personal gains. ​

Dealing with advanced digital security risks like ransomware, DDOS, Botnets, Zero-days, etc. can be a never-ending struggle for a busy infrastructure like a healthcare facility. Therefore, we at Equinox, offer various plans focused to fulfil all your cybersecurity needs. With our long-term plans, you can focus on your business while we protect you from even the nastiest types of cybersecurity offenses. Book a free expert consultation here. ​

With well over a hundred years of IT experience on our team, and decades of work with all kinds of industries in the healthcare sector, we have the knowledge and skill sets to assist your business with any technology needs. Whether a quick consultation, one time project, or fully managed, comprehensive day to day support, Equinox will be happy to provide our expert services.

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