Feeling Sluggish? Speed Things Up With These Five Chrome Plugins

March 20th, 2018 by admin

We’ve all heard that efficiency is clever laziness. The problem is, most of us are too lazy to be clever. That’s why whenever possible, we should just use the cleverness that’s already been had, and save ourselves a step toward efficiency. For this reason, we put together a list of 5 of the most clever (and free) Chrome extensions, and explain what is so brilliantly lazy about each. If you are trying to improve your impact in the office, these extensions might be just the tools you need.

AODocs - Smartbar for G Suite

This extension helps integrate your desktop Office tools, with your online Google Suite. AODocs functions off of Google Docs and allows you to work on a document with Microsoft Office and save it to Google’s cloud. It also lets you open documents from the cloud in your desktop word editor. This works with any Google Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides, etc. Finally, AODocs lets you search folders and subfolders for specific documents on Google cloud. This extension is perfect for anyone who does work on their local machine as well as on the cloud, and wants to consolidate the two functions.  


Have you ever sent an important email and then realized some clever typo has gotten past your spellchecker? If a particular client is just too important to "loose", and you need "there" business. You might need Grammarly. Because it’s a contextual spellchecker it can detect typos that happen to result in a correct word, as well as correct words used incorrectly. It also corrects grammar, unlike Microsoft Word spellchecker, it can fix comma and structure mistakes! (My editor would probably be thrilled if I downloaded this.)  

Blur Password Manager

This extension is really a lot more than a password manager. It’s essentially a privacy suite. Blur will let you create highly secure passwords and make sure only you have access to them. It also keeps your browsing private as a proxy service, and lets you make online purchases anonymously by running your purchase through disposable credit cards. There is a lot to use, but it is a solid choice, even if you are only interested in one of these features.  


This is a handy little app I use on my phone and desktop. Todoist lets you create checklists and to-do assignments, date them, and mark them as complete when finished. The real reason to use this extension is that it’s also available as an app on mobile devices and boasts access from more than ten platforms. That’s huge for something like this, I feel it’s far more useful because I can access it from anywhere at any time, from any device. It’s nice that battery life, or not being at my work desk can never get in the way of staying organized.  

Better History

Better History is most likely not something you want for yourself as far as workflow, but I think it would be useful for a lot of offices to include in their infrastructure. Better History improves history on Chrome by organizing it all very nicely by calendar date, and adds a search feature. You can search downloads, web page visits and the like by date, url, or keyword. This history might be useful to you during the day since its way easier to find a research article you’ve lost track of. Webpages are sometimes like Tortuga in the sense that you can only find them if you’ve been there before, but something like this could make that easier. The main appeal is improved security, and accountability for employee workstations.   These are a few of our favorite Chrome extensions. We hope you like them too. There is a lot of potential here to improve security and efficiency for personal and office use. Let us know if any of these work for you, and send us any questions or comments!     Kender Ostlund

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