Deals Worth the Battle

November 23rd, 2021 by admin

View from Second Story Looking Down into a Busy Shopping Mall during the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, and Christmas songs are already creeping their way into our minds with the cold. A few brisk weeks and we’ll be basking in the warmth of the fire, laughing with our loved ones and humming joyful tunes throughout the season… 

But the night is always darkest, before dawn, and that bleakest of nights that stretches its unwelcome shadow into an entire Friday of Black, is already upon us... 

If you’ve never shopped on Black Friday but you’re wanting to throw your hat in the ring, know this...the battle of the year is just around the corner and no peaceful holiday is secured without casualties.  

Before we can sing about sleighs and sip hot coco with auntie and nephew, we must slay our fears and sip the blood of our enemies at the shopping mall! 

Sacrifices… are inevitable. Though the heavens may abandon us on this day of reckoning, mission intelligence is here to secure the day. Here is a list of all the stores that you need to check out with some of the best Black Friday deals for your holiday season: 

#1: Walmart

I knowww, Walmart? Like, come on, who put Walmart on the list? Walmart is going hard this Black Friday and their typical “Screw you, local stores” prices, are now following local stores prices down a dark alley to mug them. Up to 50% off on certain quality items like TVs, computers and home appliances. They also have plenty of toys, clothes and other deals. Check out their Black Friday Deals here.

#2: Target 

Strap on your bandanas and slap on some war paint because Target is definitely going to be targeted. With deals in every category you can imagine and a really easy to view Top Deals page you’ll find solid deals in any category you can think of here. It’s also worth noting they have a range of Christmas apparel available, appropriately sorted into categories ranging from “festive to “ugly”.  

#3: Kohl’s 

Don’t have a bandana to strap on? All out of war paint? Make Kohl’s your first stop and you’ll be army-crawling under clothing racks like retail Rambo. They’ve got a huge selection of apparel and beauty products on sale here. And some makeup on sale (I’m not impressed). Lastly this item in particular I think you’ll be interested in. While it’s not on sale, that’s only because they know it will be in particularly high demand on this blackest of Fridays: Duke Cannon’s Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm

#4: NewEgg

Since some of you may not spend 80% of your time on the computer I’ll clue you in on this little gem. NewEgg is one of the largest Vendors of the most current tech. A lot of it is sold as parts and you may not know what you’re looking at, but they also have pre-built PCs, laptops, monitors and TVs. The big difference here is that it’s mostly the newest and shiniest tech, and you’re not likely to find massive deals like at these other stores. That being said, you’re also not likely to find better deals in that category anywhere other than here

Hopefully one of these stores has what you’re looking for at a good price. Definitely check out all of your personal favorites as well, there’s a good chance they are running some great deals right now even if they aren’t popping up on any Black Friday hit-lists. Whatever you do, stay safe out there! And remember to never tell little Timmy about the prison sentence you risked to get him that Lego set.

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