2018 Inventions We Didn't See Coming

June 4th, 2018 by admin

When thinking of the future, what new inventions and technology do you imagine? There was a time when science fiction was obsessed with flying cars and laser guns. Very few writers thought about inventions such as internet or air conditioning (which happen to be two of my personal favorites). With so many innovations on the rise, it is easy to overlook one or two. To insure that you don’t miss out, let’s take a look at 2018 inventions that no one saw coming.

Real-Time Translation Devices

There are a few different devices hitting the market concerning interpretation. More specifically, common languages are being interpreted and translated to another desired language within seconds. Whether you are touring the world, learning new languages, or trying to expand your business, a device that can translate in real time opens new doors. Throughout history, interacting with someone that didn’t speak the same language meant hiring a translator or learning the language. With technology advancing, language barriers are turning into a larger issue. Knowing a second language is becoming mandatory for many people. This new technology opens a world of possibilities for individuals and small businesses that do not have the budget for translators like larger companies may have. If nothing else, it might expand your dating pool by several billion.

3D - Printing Strong Materials

Until now, 3D printers could only print plastics, rubbers, and other relatively weak materials. Engineers have since adopted the device to print homes with a large concrete printer, as well as print metal objects. The applications have grown vastly. As a business, you can print parts and items on demand. If the technology ever becomes cost-effective for individual use (current price points are six figures), one could print a tool or bolt without going to the store. New sectors of 3D printed homes and buildings are developing. This could eventually lead to homes being more affordable with 3D printers than hiring a construction crew. We do have to keep in mind, however, that while 3D printers are very useful, they are potentially dangerous. Just as they could help build tools, they are also capable of printing illegal weapons or other dangerous items. This being said, we are excited to see 3D printers become even more advanced!

Dueling Neural Networks

Dueling Neural Networks use AI to create ultra-realistic CGI images. The clever idea supposedly came as the result of a drunken argument. Imagine that! Many of us have seen AI face-swapping technology on Snapchat or other social media. Dueling Neural uses two AIs. Think of one of them as an artist and the other as a critic. The artist AI makes an initial image. Once the image is complete, the critic AI will then determine which areas need improvement. The critic tells the artist what to change and voilà the result is remarkable. It is virtually impossible to distinguish from the real thing. The benefit of the technology is that we will get better CGI for movies, pictures, and videos than we have had in the past. The danger is if it works too well, we may not be able to trust a video as a source of evidence again. Imagine the implications that a seamlessly identical image or video could create in politics. Although it seems genuine, nobody would know. What is your stance on the matter? With new advancements coming out, what seems like daily, there is much to learn. We must keep studying and improving our world around us. Although there are risks to technological advances, we cannot stop. Science is a beautiful tool, and as Edward Teller says, “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”.   -Kender Ostlund

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