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Woman using a computer with red ornaments and wrapped presents next to her

5 Money-Saving Extensions for Online Shopping

The holidays are upon us! For many, the joy of the season may be hampered by the presents that have yet to be purchased. Thanks to online shopping, gone are the days of being forced to face the crowds at the mall, or run all across town in search of one perfect item. If you’re shopping online this holiday...

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A phone charging while laying on the floor

Phone Charging Mistakes You're Probably Making

Seems pretty simple, right? Plug in your phone and let it charge. Oh, if only it were that easy. Chances are, you’re charging your phone wrong. Here’s how to do it correctly, and keep your battery in good shape.Most smartphone manufactures say that their batteries in their phones will work at full capacity...

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Secure URL Bar

TLS End of Life: What Is It & Will Your Business Be Affected?

The largest web browsers have all announced that they will be ending support for applications that use old versions of TLS by 2020. You may not know what TLS is, but this change could affect your business. This is what you need to know, to be sure your infrastructure will still be supported.TLS is an...

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Amazon Alexa sitting on a wooden table

Duel of the Digital Assistants

In this age of information, we all need a companion. Just 10 years ago, a digital assistant may have seemed like something out of a futuristic flick, but today, with a simple, "Alexa" or "Hey Google", we have access to a myriad of tools and information. But which assistant is best for you? We’ll give...

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A cute dog licking a man's face while he is looking at his phone

Kick Your Phone Addiction: Introduction to iOS 12's New Feature (And Dupes for Android!)

Yikes - the average person checks their phone 110 times a day. Learning the details of your personal phone usage can be an even harder pill to swallow. These details can be found in the new iOS 12 update. Here are some ways to make the best of this new feature and curb your addiction.If you feel like...

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Two businessmen sitting a table with laptops laughing

Scamming the Scammer: One Man's Hilarious Fight Against Phishing

Each day our spam folders fill up with requests from supposed royalty, long lost family members with inheritance to spare, and hosts of other scammers looking to take advantage of the gullible. One man has had enough! Scammers beware! Rather than trashing the suspicious emails he receives, James Veitch...

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Two businessmen sitting a table with laptops laughing

The Drone Wars: Episode 1

What if you could command a private drone army? In the military, drone warfare has become a reality. They can fly 50 MPH, they are difficult to detect, and feel no fear. Strap on some heat vision cameras and a small bomb, and you have yourself a terrifying robot version of Alfred Hitchcock’s, “The Birds”...

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Buildings with a digital grid overlay

Smart Cities

Smart Cities are a buzzy term for using technology to help solve public problems. If we put fire detecting cameras around all of Los Angeles, to help alert the authorities and create faster response times, this would be a Smart City feature. There is a little bit of ambiguity here, but basically: Technology...

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Woman holding a cell phone and VPN is displayed on the screen

What You Don't Know About VPNs

Did you know if you run that VPN your IT guy set you up with, in China or Russia you could get a prison sentence? What about what a VPN actually protects you from? Most people have heard of the service, millions use them daily, few...

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Man holding a cell phone outside with a cell tower in the background

Cyber Crime Has Gone Mobile: 7 Rules to Protect Your Phone

It’s hard to remember a world before smart phones. They are not only a means of communication, but our alarm clocks, calendars, flashlights, banks, and so much more. Not surprisingly, hackers have picked up on the trend; cyber crime...

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