Why Equinox?

We figured it out. We spent the past 25 years building a way to make high quality security and service available to all companies, no matter their budget.

When we began, there wasn't something that did that. So we went to work programming and perfecting a software/solution that proactively protects, instead of the industry standard of reactive care.

We found that proactive automated care saved our clients both time and money. Once our client's IT began to thrive, so did their companies.

That's why we coined the phrase "Happy Clients. Healthy Technology". We take care of IT so you can take care of your business.

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The way you configure a server can dramatically impact its performance. You need to be able to get results fast both for your employee and your customers.

Equinox service delivers better performance from your technology. Often you don't know where your systems are struggling, our toolsets give insight and identify bottlenecks in your networks. No one wants to waste a lot of money replacing equipment that only needs a tune up.

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Protecting your data doesn't have to be difficult or costly anymore. Regular backups, restoration tools, firewalls; you will finally have the peace of mind you desire. With encryption services you can protect you data from wandering eyes or stolen laptops.

Our 1-LINK team is always there protecting you from intruders and viruses. Equinox provides solid solutions with the right level of security.

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Research shows 40% of your teams' day is wasted due to distractions. We help you beat the odds by allowing you to control your environment. In short, systems are available when you need them while distractions are limited as you see fit.

We help you maximize your uptime so you can get to the data you need when you need it. We can also help you reduce unnecessary online behavior. We help your teams stay on the sites they should be and stay off the sites they shouldn’t. Less games, less social media, online shopping and sports. We can help you control access.

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Here's where we separate ourselves from our competitors. If you're wanting to put an end to worry and concern over your IT, look no further. Our team and our methods are why our customers stick with us for years, even though we have easy out contracts.

You have direct communication at all times with a team member that knows you and even knows the location of your systems. Your personal tech also has an entire team backing him up and supporting you. Keeping you happy and your technology healthy is how we measure our performance.

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It is our belief that the industry in general is simply doing it wrong. Most IT companies are reactionary and 'putting out the fires' as they happen. This is backwards. 1-LINK is the answer.

It is our method to monitor and proactively prevent problems from happening in the first place. Saving you from the hassles and the money pit. We do this using our 1-LINK toolsets and backend team. 1-LINK toolsets actively watch, seek out and eliminate known problem as they happen and with the addition of the backend team, you get the personal touch of an experienced technician always watching your systems.

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Picking and using the right technologies can quickly get you more performance, productivity and better protection. Equinox is here to guide you through this decision process.

It's our job to make sure you are getting the most for your dollar and delivering the right technologies to assist you with your work. We seek out top industry partnerships and negotiate with them all the time, bringing you better deals and better tech.

No one enjoys the hamster wheel of technology – the constant up-grading. It feels like you just got the machine and it's already been replaced with something newer and better. Our goal is to maximize your budget, giving you the best possible solution with the greatest longevity.